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ERP Implementation

Do you need to upgrade your old MRP system? It's a fairly daunting prospect isn't it? There are so many systems to consider and a wide variety of cost brackets. What's the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 systems and what do you really need?

AIT has an answer for you.
I can supply a senior consultant / project manager who will act on your behalf in all dealings with salespeople and vendor consultants. I will become part of your senior management team and will keep your interests uppermost in contract and price negotiatons and we will help you to deliver a successful implementation.

How much time is involved?
ERP projects can vary enormously in length and cost depending on the size and complexity of your business. I have been involved in projects ranging from 9 months to 3 years. My involvement will also depend on the level of expertise and experience in your own organisation.

What do we do in an ERP Project?
As in all projects, I need to understand your organisation, your goals and objectives. Once this is achieved I can:

  • Define the project scope and objectives
  • Produce a written specification and RFP if required.
  • Manage system selection
  • Negotiate prices and contracts
  • Organise a project structure and select internal and external project resources
  • Work with the vendor or external consultants to plan and manage the project within an agreed timetable and budget.
  • Manage Data Conversion and system testing
  • Organise upgrades to you network infrastructure
  • Manage your user training
  • Assist with change management and communications
  • etc.

My involvement can be in one or more of these activities or we can manage the entire process from beginning to end. Talk to me about your requirements.