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Movex Implementation

In the last six years I have implemented the Movex ERP system in New Zealand, USA and UK including:

  • Full implementation in NZ manufacturing company enabling lean manufacturing processes and the integration of the supply chain with a manufacturing and finance.
  • Rolled out the same system to UK and US locations, allowing for local sales tax and European Union requirements.
    The ERP system was integrated with a local warehousing system in the UK office.

The company now has a global view of spare parts, regional inventories have fallen and all distribution is now handled by the integrated system with internal invoicing cutting the cost of administration in all three countries.

As well as the implementation of the base system, I have also provided additional applications in order to maximise the benefits of the ERP investment. These include:

  • Designed and implemented a local Intranet system with various interfaces to the Movex ERP system utilising application program interfaces (API's) as well as ODBC and OLE/DB connections. The Intranet functions streamlined the reporting of manufacturing orders, greatly reducing the administration cost of the system.
  • Interfaced the local Intranet to a purpose built e-commerce web site which manages the communication and interaction with material suppliers - purchase order confirmation, forecasts, reschedule request, claims and engineering changes.

Example Application Interfaces